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AIR733A - Life-Support Systems for Manned Spacecraft

Document Number: AIR733A
Revision Number: A
Life-Support Systems for Manned Spacecraft
This report was prepared to provide a summary of the first ten years, 1958 to 1968, of work performed on life-support systems for manned spacecraft. Members of the preparing committee and other life-support specialists reviewed all of the literature published on this subject before 1969, and agreed that the references cited herein present the best data available on each of the techniques or processes devised for life support. Tables are presented to indicate the type of data contained in each reference - i.e., descriptive, analytical, experimental and/or development data. In addition, discussions are presented on the past, present and future state-of-the-art of each subsystem. Thus, this report should be useful in training new personnel and avoiding the duplication of work performed in the past.
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