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AIR5742A - Packaging and Transportation of Oxygen Equipment

Document Number: AIR5742A
Revision Number: A
Packaging and Transportation of Oxygen Equipment

The scope of this document is related to the particular needs of oxygen equipment with regards to packaging and transportation. The document provides guidance for handling chemical, gaseous and liquid oxygen equipment. It summarizes national and international regulations to be taken into account for transportation on land, sea and air and provides information on classification of hazardous material.

The aim of this document is to summarize information on packaging and transportation of oxygen equipment. Statements and references to regulations cited herein are for information only and should not be considered as interpretation of a law.

Processes to maintain cleanliness of components and subassemblies during processing and assembly or storage of work-in-progress are outside the scope of this document. Guidance on this can be obtained from ARP1176.

Rules for transportation and shipment do not cover oxygen equipment installed in an interior monument, e.g., galley unit or in a fuselage section.

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