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AS8010C - Aviator's Breathing Oxygen Purity Standard

Document Number: AS8010C
Revision Number: C
Aviator's Breathing Oxygen Purity Standard
This document defines the minimum degree of purity and maximum levels of certain deleterious impurities allowable for aviator's breathing oxygen at the point of manufacture or generation. It covers gaseous, liquid, and chemically generated oxygen, and oxygen supplied by in situ concentration and in situ electrolysis. Different limits are established for oxygen from different sources, in recognition of differences in the ways the oxygen is stored, dispensed, and utilized, taking into account the safety of the user. These limits are not intended to specifically reflect upon the relative capabilities or merits of various technologies. Procurement documents may specify more stringent limits, where required for specific applications. Medical oxygen is not covered by this standard. In the United States, medical oxygen is a prescription drug.
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