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AS417A - Air Data Computers, MPS

Document Number: AS417A
Revision Number: A
Air Data Computers, MPS
This Standard recommends the minimum safe operational performance requirements for Air Data Computer equipment for use in Subsonic Turbine Powered Aircraft operating up to 50,000 feet of pressure altitude and 500 knots maximum indicated airspeed. This Standard covers air data equipment (hereinafter designated the instrument) which when connected to sources of aircraft electrical power, static pressure, static pressure, total pressure and outside air temperature (singly or in combination) provides some or all of the following computed air data output signals: Pressure Altitude*, Pressure Altitude (Reporting), Baro-Corrected Pressure Altitude*, Vertical Speed*, Computed Airspeed*, Mach Number*, Maximum Allowable Airspeed*, Static Air Temperature (*when used as an alternate for total temperature), Total Temperature*, Altitude Rate, Overspeed Warning, Altitude Hold, Airspeed Hold, Mach Hold, qc (impact pressure), True Airspeed, Others.
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