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AS8039A - Minimum Performance Standard General Aviation Flight Recorder

Document Number: AS8039A
Revision Number: A
Minimum Performance Standard General Aviation Flight Recorder
The standards contained herein apply to recording equipment intended primarily for installation in multi-engine, turbine powered aircraft (fixed and rotary wing) for automatically recording flight data parameters and audio information. This standard is not intended for large aircraft operating under Code of Federal Regulations Title 14, Aeronautics & Space, part 121. This Aerospace Standard (AS) specifies minimum performance standards for recording automatically aircraft flight par ammeters and (or) aural communication between flight crew members, aural warning sounds, and communications to and from aircraft necessary for flight operations. It is the intent of this standard to allow for the use of individual Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) or Flight Data Recorder (FDR) equipment, or a combination CVR/FDR.
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