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A-6A3 Flight Control and Vehicle Management Systems Cmt

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR5273A Actuation System Failure Detection Methods Uwe Perrin 2013-05-05 20:53:05.0
AIR6920 ARP4754 Process Frameowrk with Checlists and templates for flight control and vehicle management systems Mahesh V. Kumar 2017-04-11 09:44:48.0
ARP4895B Flight Control Actuators - Dynamic Seals, Collection of Duty Cycle Data Ian Halley 2015-10-07 12:07:44.0
ARP5775 Skew and Disconnect Detection in High Lift Systems Uwe Perrin 2007-10-13 11:43:07.0
ARP6001A Aerospace - Passive Side Stick Unit, General Requirements for Fly by Wire Transport and Business Pierre Bettini 2017-10-22 19:50:16.0
ARP6252 Aerospace – Rudder and Brake Pedal unit General Requirements for Fly by Wire Transport and Business Aircraft Pierre Bettini 2013-03-11 10:13:02.0
ARP6389 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Process for Flight Critical Actuation Electronic Systems and Software Neal Huynh 2017-03-22 09:53:11.0
AS94900A Aerospace - Flight Control Systems - Design, Installation and Test of Piloted Military Aircraft, General Specification For Robert Clements 2012-11-05 17:03:16.0