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AS4716B - Gland Design, O-Ring and Other Elastomeric Seals

Document Number: AS4716B
Revision Number: B
Gland Design, O-Ring and Other Elastomeric Seals
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) provides standardized gland (groove) design criteria and dimensions for elastomeric seal glands for static and dynamic applications. The glands have been specifically designed for applications using SAE AS568 size O-rings, with related class 2 tolerances, at pressures exceeding 1500 psi (10.34 MPa) utilizing one or two anti-extrusion (backup) rings and applications at pressures below 1500 psi (10.34 MPa) without backup rings. The glands have been sized to provide sufficient squeeze for effective sealing while at the same time limiting squeeze to allow satisfactory operation in dynamic applications. While this specification covers the basic design criteria and recommendations for use with standard size O-rings, these glands are also suitable for use with other elastomeric, and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based seals. For static external applications i.e. where the application is overboard and sealing to atmosphere, glands should be designed in accordance with AS5857.
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