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AC-9C Aircraft Icing Technology Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
AIR1168/4C SAE Aerospace Applied Thermodynamics Manual, Ice, Rain, Fog, and Frost Protection Feb 19, 2021 Stabilized
AIR1667A Rotor Blade Electrothermal Ice Protection Design Considerations Apr 23, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR4015D Icing Technology Bibliography Mar 15, 2013 Stabilized
AIR4367A Aircraft Inflight Ice Detectors and Icing Rate Measuring Instruments Oct 11, 2012 Reaffirmed
AIR4906 Droplet Sizing Instrumentation Used in Icing Facilities Apr 23, 2013 Reaffirmed
AIR5320A Summary of Icing Simulation Test Facilities Sep 25, 2015 Stabilized
AIR5396A Characterizations of Aircraft Icing Conditions Aug 24, 2015 Revised
AIR5504A Aircraft Inflight Icing Terminology Nov 24, 2009 Canceled
AIR5666A Icing Wind Tunnel Interfacility Comparison Tests Oct 16, 2018 Stabilized
ARP5624 Aircraft Inflight Icing Terminology Apr 23, 2013 Reaffirmed
ARP5903 Droplet Impingement and Ice Accretion Computer Codes Jun 01, 2015 Reaffirmed
ARP5904 Airborne Icing Tankers Jun 17, 2019 Reaffirmed
ARP5905 Calibration and Acceptance of Icing Wind Tunnels Sep 26, 2015 Reaffirmed
AS18607A Thermal Anti-Icing Equipment, Wing and Empennage Jul 01, 2001 Canceled
AS5498A Minimum Operational Performance Specification for Inflight Icing Detection Systems Dec 05, 2017 Revised
AS5562 Ice and Rain Minimum Qualification Standards for Pitot and Pitot-static Probes Feb 11, 2020 Reaffirmed
AS6625A Spray Equipment, Aircraft Windshield, Anti-Icing Aug 08, 2002 Canceled
AS8181A Detector, Ice, Air Intake Duct, Aircraft Engines and Airframe Systems, General Specification For Aug 07, 2002 Canceled
AS8804A Deicing System, Pneumatic Boot, Aircraft, General Specification for Jul 01, 2001 Canceled