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AC-9C Aircraft Icing Technology Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AIR1667B Rotor Blade Electrothermal Ice Protection Design Considerations David Parkins Jun 14, 2019
AIR4367B Aircraft Inflight Ice Detectors and Icing Rate Measuring Instruments Vince LoPresto Jun 11, 2018
AIR4906A Particle Sizing Instrumentation for Icing Cloud Characterization Darren Glenn Jackson Apr 19, 2016
AIR6247 Guidance on Selecting a Ground-based Icing Simulation Facility Judith Foss Van Zante Apr 24, 2013
AIR6341 SLD capabilities of icing wind tunnels David M. Orchard Jul 09, 2015
AIR6440 Icing Tunnel Tests for Thermal Ice Protection Systems David Orchard May 11, 2010
AIR6962 Ice Protection for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Dennis Regnier Sep 22, 2017
AIR6974 Ice Crystal and Mixed Phase Icing Tunnel Testing of Air Data Probes Vince LoPresto Apr 16, 2018
AIR6977 Instrumentation for Liquid, Ice and Total Water Content Measurements Catherine Clark Oct 24, 2018
ARP5624A Aircraft Inflight Icing Terminology Ferdinand Spek Sep 27, 2018
ARP5903A Droplet Impingement and Ice Accretion Computer Codes Alberto Pueyo May 29, 2020
ARP5905A Calibration and Acceptance of Icing Wind Tunnels Laura E. Steen Oct 23, 2015
ARP6455 Ice Shape Test Matrix Development for Unprotected Surfaces Mark G. Potapczuk Oct 19, 2010
ARP6901 Consideration for passive rotorcraft engine/APU induction system ice protection Roger J. Aubert Feb 24, 2016
AS5498B Minimum Operational Performance Specification for Inflight Icing Detection Systems Vince LoPresto Dec 14, 2020
AS6838 Ice and Rain Minimum Performance Standard for Angle of Attack (AOA) and Angle of Sideslip (AOS) Sensors Rajeev Atluri Aug 26, 2020