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AIR1794B - Ball-On-Cylinder (BOC) Aircraft Turbine Fuel Lubricity Tester

Document Number: AIR1794B
Revision Number: B
Ball-On-Cylinder (BOC) Aircraft Turbine Fuel Lubricity Tester
This metric SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) details a ball-on-cylinder (BOC) test device and specifies a method of rating the relative lubricity of aviation turbine fuel samples. The BOC produces a wear scar on a stationary steel ball by forcing it with a fixed load against a fuel wetted steel test ring in a controlled atmosphere. The test ring is rotated at a fixed speed so its surface is wetted by a momentary exposure to the fluid under test. The size of the wear scar is a measure of the test fluid lubricity and provides a basis for predicting friction or wear problems.
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