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ARP4028 - Aircraft/Engine Fuel Pump Two Phase (Slugging Flow) Inlet Performance Test and Evaluation

Document Number: ARP4028
Revision Number:
Aircraft/Engine Fuel Pump Two Phase (Slugging Flow) Inlet Performance Test and Evaluation
This procedure is intended to apply to all engine or airframe mounted fuel pumps and controls when required by the applicable specification. The procedure recommends a recirculation system similar to ARP492 to control the fuel properties affecting the fluid and its ability to 'release' fuel vapors and dissolved air and have these 're-entrained or dissolved' during the fluid recovery process back to the tank and the original starting conditions.

This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) defines procedures for testing aircraft/engine fuel pumps for the purpose of: a. determining two phase ('slugging flow') inlet performance capability; b. determining the pump's resistance to deterioration during an endurance test with the operating conditions defined by the applicable specification which includes two phase ('slugging flow') operation; and c. determining the effects that contaminated fuel operation may have had on two phase ('slugging flow') inlet performance. The procedure recommended herein is intended to produce useful, reproducible, steady state results.

This test is not intended to establish maximum starting altitude or rate of climb performance of the pump.

This procedure defines recommended test setups, test procedures, and data requirements for testing engine or airframe mounted fuel pumps or controls with pumps for the purpose of determining 'slugging flow' inlet performance capability.

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