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ARP5918 - Standard Test Criteria for Aircraft Refuelers

Document Number: ARP5918
Revision Number:
Standard Test Criteria for Aircraft Refuelers
This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) establishes the minimum recommended Test Stand Setup and Procedures for inspecting and testing Aircraft Refuelers. The inspection and test procedure shall be used to evaluate the operation and performance of an Aircraft Refueler to assure that it meets the minimum refueling performance criteria and is fit for aircraft fueling and/or defueling operations. These procedures shall be used to test new Aircraft Refuelers and may be used to perform routine tests to confirm that the Aircraft Refuelers comply with the minimum performance criteria as specified herein. This document covers all types of Aircraft Refuelers, stationary (e.g., cabinet type units) or mobile (e.g., hydrant service vehicles, tankers, etc). NOTE: Aircraft refueling vehicle design and operating requirements are provided in separate SAE ARP Documents. NOTE: This document does NOT address Aircraft Refuelers with operating pressure above 150 psi although many of the paragraphs can be used as a guideline.
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