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AIR1854A - Battery Powered Aircraft Tow Tractors - Factors for Design Consideration

Document Number: AIR1854A
Revision Number: A
Battery Powered Aircraft Tow Tractors - Factors for Design Consideration

This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) identifies and summarizes the various factors that must be considered and evaluated by the design or specifying engineer in establishing the specifications and design characteristics of battery-powered aircraft tow tractors.

This AIR is presented in two parts. The first part is simply a summarization of design factors that must be considered in establishing vehicle specifications and design characteristics. The second part refers particularly to the performance characteristics of an aircraft tow tractor. Some definitions, formulas, data, and an example are provided mainly for assisting the specifying engineers of potential buyers and users of aircraft tow tractors in the evaluation and comparison of their requirements with the performance capabilities of the various tow tractors offered by the tow tractor manufacturers. Although the design engineers could also use the formulas and data in their calculations of the performance specifications of aircraft tow tractors, this AIR is not intended to provide the methods and all data necessary for detailed calculations and design of a batter-powered aircraft tow tractor.

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