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AMS AMEC Aerospace Metals and Engineering Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
AMEC-16AA Vacuum Gauge Calibration Andrew Bassett 2016-04-20 13:26:20.0
AMEC18-AB Heat Treatment of Wrought Nickel Alloy and Cobalt Alloy Parts and Additive Manufactured Nickel and Cobalt Parts Kevin Groeneveld 2018-08-06 10:28:10.0
AMEC18AA Heat Treatment of Steel Raw Materials Roger Eybel 2018-01-31 07:21:06.0
AMECTEMPBALLOT Heat Treatment of Wrought Aluminum Alloy Parts Roger Eybel 2018-03-20 13:49:03.0
TEMPAMS-H-81200 Heat Treatment of Titanium and Titanium Alloys Raw Material Sarah Mansuetti 2018-05-01 09:20:33.0
TEMPARP1962 Training and Approval of Heat-Treating Personnel Tom Morrison 2018-06-18 12:25:14.0
TEMPBALAMS2769 AMEC - AMS2769 Heat Treatment of Parts in a Vacuum Donald F. Jordan 2017-08-23 17:30:36.0
TEMPBALAMS2801 Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloy Parts Sarah Mansuetti 2017-10-09 17:54:17.0
TEMPBALHIP Hot Isostatic Pressing Colin Thomas 2018-03-09 08:42:03.0