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AMSH6088C - Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys

Document Number: AMSH6088C
Revision Number: C
Heat Treatment of Aluminum Alloys
This specification covers the requirements and recommendations for the heat treatment of aluminum alloy rolled, extruded, forged, drawn, and cast product (See 6.1 and 6.5.1). It does not cover the requirements for the heat treatment of aluminum alloy parts (See 3.4). Subjects covered are: process establishment and re-establishment (previously called 'process qualification' and 'process requalification'); periodic process surveys; periodic product monitoring; furnaces and operation controls; pyrometric equipment; quenching equipment, media, and operation controls; parameters and procedures for solution heat treatment, quenching, age hardening, and annealing (of certain product); requirements for inspections and record keeping; test methods; and limits of product acceptability.
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