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AS7489 - Standard Requirements for Aerospace Organic Coatings Applicator Certification

Document Number: AS7489
Revision Number:
Standard Requirements for Aerospace Organic Coatings Applicator Certification

This standard establishes the minimum requirements for training, examination, and certification of aerospace coatings application personnel applying liquid organic coatings to interior structural or exterior substrates. It establishes criteria for the certification of personnel requiring appropriate knowledge of the technical principles underlying aircraft surface preparation and coatings application for both protective and decorative purposes. Persons certified under this document shall receive documentation of certification by the Certifying Agency.

Persons who successfully complete the requirements of this certification standard are considered to be able to successfully and consistently perform a broad spectrum of aerospace coatings application tasks to achieve the desired engineering purposes. This certification is not intended to determine or replace any aerospace coating operation’s proprietary engineering for the depainting, preparation, or subsequent application of organic coatings materials to aircraft surfaces.

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