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ARP5660A - Deicing Facility Operational Procedures

Document Number: ARP5660A
Revision Number: A
Deicing Facility Operational Procedures
The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for the standardization of safe operating procedures to be used in performing the services and maintenance at Designated Deicing Facilities (Central Deicing Facilities/Remote Deicing Facilities) that are necessary for proper deicing/anti-icing of aircraft on the ground and performing of associated checks in accordance with the various approved ground icing programs, while considering applicable local environmental, operational and economic requirements. This document should be used by regulators and airport authorities to develop and standardize approvals and permits for the establishment and operation of a DDF. The coordination of stakeholders is required prior to the approval of design plans for a deicing facility. Operating procedures must be agreed to, in writing, by all air operators, airport authorities, regulators and service providers prior to commencing deicing operations.
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