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ARP1527B - Color Coding - Elastomers for Tube Clamp Cushions

Document Number: ARP1527B
Revision Number: B
Color Coding - Elastomers for Tube Clamp Cushions
This Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) establishes uniform requirements for color coding of elastomeric cushions on clamps used in aerospace tubing systems, wire bundle retention, and similar applications. The application of color codes to tube clamps as an indicator of the type of service for which the clamps are intended should facilitate correct application, as well as detection of misapplication of clamps. When installed in an aerospace system, detection of an incorrect clamp by part number is quite difficult. Implementation of this ARP is appropriate because of recently developed elastomer compounds which have better strength, fluid resistance, corrosion resistance, temperature range, etc., than previously available, especially in non-black compounds. This permits a relatively few colors to cover most applications, minimizing the number of specials or exceptions which would tend to reduce the advantages of the color-code system.
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