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AS2094A - Test Methods for Tube-Fitting Assemblies

Document Number: AS2094A
Revision Number: A
Test Methods for Tube-Fitting Assemblies
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) specifies test methods for tube-fitting assemblies used in aircraft fluid systems in the following pressure classes: B (1500 psi or 10500 kPa), D (3000 psi or 21000 kPa), and E (4000 psi or 28000 kPa), and J (5000 psi or 35000 kPa) and in temperatures types I (-65 to 160 °F or -55 to 70 ÷C), II (-65 to 275 °F or -55 to 135 °C), and III (-65 to 400 °F or -55 to 200 °C) of AS2001.
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