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ARP4171A - Safety Considerations of Food and Beverage Service Carts

Document Number: ARP4171A
Revision Number: A
Safety Considerations of Food and Beverage Service Carts
Food and beverage service carts referenced herein include: a. Items of food or beverage service equipment not permanently attached or made a part of the aircraft structure b. Components of such carts that are nonstationary parts thereof c. Specific associated equipment and systems affecting the operation of such carts This Aerospace Recommended Practice does not fully address: a. Design details that provide extended service life and continued airworthiness since these are a function of: (1) total galley and food/beverage system design, (2) human factors engineering desired by individual galley operators, (3) techniques of care in servicing, and (4) maintenance philosophy. However, references to these considerations are included as appropriate. b. Requirements that are covered by Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), pertinent U.S. Public Health regulations, or design details which should be covered by galley operator/airplane manufacturer detailed specifications for subject equipment. Basic airframe crash load requirements are defined as the structural design criteria applied by the aircraft designer in accordance with specifications and FARs to the basic airframe as well as to galleys and associated equipment.
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