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Cranes and Lifting Devices Committee

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J1028_199810 Mobile Crane Working Area Definitions Oct 01, 1998 Reaffirmed
J1063_201306 Cantilevered Boom Crane Structures - Method of Test Jun 17, 2013 Revised
J1078_202001 A Recommended Method of Analytically Determining the Competence of Hydraulic Telescopic Cantilevered Crane Booms Jan 15, 2020 Revised
J1093_202001 Latticed Crane Boom Systems - Analytical Procedure Jan 15, 2020 Revised
J1180_201902 Telescopic Boom Length Indicating System Feb 15, 2019 Reaffirmed
J1238_201710 Rating Lift Cranes on Fixed Platforms Operating in the Ocean Environment Oct 10, 2017 Reaffirmed
J1257_201202 Rating Chart for Cantilevered Boom Cranes Feb 21, 2012 Reaffirmed
J1289_201303 Mobile Crane Stability Ratings Mar 28, 2013 Canceled
J1305_200711 Two-Block Warning and Limit Systems in Lifting Crane Service Nov 16, 2007 Reaffirmed
J1332_202107 Rope Drum Rotation Indicating Device Jul 15, 2021 Revised
J1366_201710 Rating Lift Cranes Operating on Platforms in the Ocean Environment Oct 10, 2017 Reaffirmed
J159_200210 Rated Capacity Systems Oct 30, 2002 Revised
J1977_201902 Braking Performance - Rubber-Tired, Self-Propelled Cranes Feb 27, 2019 Revised
J220_201710 Crane Boomstop Oct 09, 2017 Reaffirmed
J2703_200810 Cranes--Access and Egress Oct 27, 2008 Issued
J375_201906 Radius-of-Load or Boom Angle Indicating Systems Jun 10, 2019 Reaffirmed
J376_201906 Load Indicating Devices in Lifting Crane Service Jun 10, 2019 Reaffirmed
J765_201706 Crane Load Stability Test Code Jun 07, 2017 Revised
J820_201706 Crane Hoist Line Speed and Power Test Procedure Jun 07, 2017 Revised
J881_202110 Lifting Crane Sheave and Drum Sizes Oct 21, 2021 Reaffirmed
J958_201202 Nomenclature and Dimensions for Crane Shovels Feb 06, 2012 Stabilized
J959_201206 Lifting Crane, Wire-Rope Strength Factors Jun 04, 2012 Canceled
J983_199810 Crane and Cable Excavator Basic Operating Control Arrangements Oct 01, 1998 Reaffirmed
J987_201911 Lattice Boom Cranes - Method of Test Nov 13, 2019 Revised
J999_202109 Crane Boom Hoist Disengaging Device Sep 20, 2021 Revised