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Cranes and Lifting Devices Committee

Works in Progress
Project Title Sponsor Date
J1028 Mobile Crane Working Area Definitions Craig R. Percy Aug 16, 2017
J1063 Cantilevered Boom Crane Structures - Method of Test Craig R. Percy Sep 24, 2019
J1078 A Recommended Method of Analytically Determining the Competence of Hydraulic Telescopic Cantilevered Crane Booms David Frerking Mar 08, 2021
J1257 Rating Chart for Cantilevered Boom Cranes Stephanie Wood Sep 17, 2017
J1305 Two-Block Warning and Limit Systems in Lifting Crane Service Russ Farrell Jun 28, 2013
J159 Rated Capacity Systems Russ Farrell Mar 06, 2012
J983 Crane and Cable Excavator Basic Operating Control Arrangements Hoyt Gamble Dec 07, 2016