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Committee on Automotive Rubber Specs

Standards Status Definitions
Document List
Document Title Date Status
J17_200910 Latex Foam Rubbers Oct 15, 2009 Canceled
J18_200606 Sponge and Expanded Cellular Rubber Products Jun 29, 2006 Canceled
J19_200508 Latex-Dipped Goods and Coatings for Automotive Applications Aug 22, 2005 Canceled
J200_201506 Classification System for Rubber Materials Jun 19, 2015 Revised
J2236_201009 Standard Method for Determining Continuous Upper Temperature Resistance of Elastomers Sep 21, 2010 Revised
J2332_201307 Marking of Rubber Parts Jul 09, 2013 Revised
J2558_201410 Classification System for Thermoplastic Elastomers Oct 27, 2014 Reaffirmed
J2643_201312 Standard Reference Elastomers (SRE) for Characterizing the Effect of Liquids on Vulcanized Rubbers Dec 17, 2013 Revised
J2884_201406 Thermoset Elastomer Specification System Jun 27, 2014 Revised
J2979_201205 Test Method for Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomer Determination of Compressive Stress Relaxation (CSR) Response May 30, 2012 Issued
J3000_200910 Thermoplastic Elastomer Classification System Oct 15, 2009 Canceled
J80_200910 Automotive Rubber Mats Oct 15, 2009 Canceled