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J1199_201302 - Mechanical and Material Requirements for Metric Externally Threaded Steel Fasteners

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Document Number: J1199_201302
Project Initiation: 01-10-2013
Sponsor Name: Ronald Strong
Mechanical and Material Requirements for Metric Externally Threaded Steel Fasteners
This SAE Standard covers the mechanical and material requirements for eight property classes of steel, externally threaded metric fasteners in sizes M1.6 through M36, inclusive, and suitable for use in automotive and related applications. Products included are bolts, screws, studs, U-bolts, preassembled screw and washer assemblies (sems), and products manufactured the same as sems except without washer. Products not covered are tapping screws, thread-rolling screws, and self-drilling screws. Mechanical and material requirements for these products are covered in other SAE documents. The term stud as referred to herein, applies to a cylindrical rod of moderate length, threaded on either one or both ends or throughout its entire length. It does not apply to headed, collared, or similar products which are more closely characterized by requirements shown herein for bolts. For specification purposes, this document treats U-bolts as studs. Thus, wherever the word studs appears, U-bolts is also implied. U-bolts covered by this document are those used primarily in the suspension and related areas of vehicles. (Designers should recognize that the U configuration may not sustain a load equivalent to two bolts or studs of the same size and grade; thus actual load-carrying capacity of U-bolts should be determined by saddle load tests.)
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