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J2486_201804 - Tension Indicating Washer Tightening Method for Fasteners

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Document Number: J2486_201804
Project Initiation: 05-03-2016
Sponsor Name: Ronald Strong
Tension Indicating Washer Tightening Method for Fasteners
<p>This SAE Recommended Practice covers installation and inspection methods for fasteners which are tensioned using Tension Indicating Washers (TIWs) as a means to ensure that adequate tension is developed in mechanically fastened joints. Figure 1 depicts a typical TIW, and Figure 2 depicts a fastener assembly with a TIW before and after tensioning.</p> <p>This document describes practices for the use of TIWs which are typically produced for use with SAE J429 Grade 5 and Grade 8 fasteners or their metric counterparts, although the same principals hold true for bolted joints using other fasteners. Users are advised to contact a manufacturer for advice on use of these products before using them with special fasteners or applications.</p> <p>This document defines and illustrates preferred installation and inspection methodologies. The contents of this document are presented as accurately as possible; however, responsibility for its application lies with the user.</p>
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