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J476_201302 - Dryseal Pipe Threads

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Document Number: J476_201302
Project Initiation: 12-11-2011
Sponsor Name: Kevin J. Peacock
Dryseal Pipe Threads
The Dryseal American Standard Taper Pipe Thread, the Dryseal American Fuel Internal Straight Pipe Thread and the Dryseal American Intermediate Internal Straight Pipe Thread covered by this standard conform with the American Standard ASA-B2.2. The Dryseal SAE-Short Taper Pipe Thread in this standard conforms with the Dryseal American Standard Taper Pipe Thread except for the length of thread, which is shortened for increased clearance and economy of material. The significant feature of the Dryseal thread is controlled truncation at the crest and root to assure metal to metal contact coincident with or prior to flank contact. Contact at the crest and root prevents spiral leakage and insures pressure-tight joints without the use of a lubricant or sealer. Lubricants, if not functionally objectionable, may be used to minimize the possibility of galling in assembly.
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