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J773_201608 - Conical Spring Washers

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Document Number: J773_201608
Project Initiation: 04-28-2016
Sponsor Name: Ronald Strong
Conical Spring Washers
This SAE Standard covers dimensional, material, and general specifications and methods of test for two types of general purpose conical spring washers, designated type L and type H, for use as loose washers over screws and bolts, and also for use as pre-assembled washers in screw and washer assemblies. Both the type L and type H washers are available in three washer series (narrow, regular and wide), having varied proportions designed to fulfill specific application requirements for load distribution. Where so specified by the user, washers shall be supplied with peripheral teeth. All sizes and types of washers specified in this standard are not necessarily stock production items. Users should consult with manufacturers concerning availability.
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