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J933_201302 - Mechanical and Quality Requirements for Tapping Screws

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Document Number: J933_201302
Project Initiation: 01-10-2013
Sponsor Name: Ronald Strong
Mechanical and Quality Requirements for Tapping Screws
This SAE Recommended Practice covers the mechanical and quality requirements for steel tapping screws used in automotive and related industries. It does not apply to corrosion resistant (stainless) steel screws. (Dimensional requirements for most types of screws mentioned herein are covered in SAE J478.) The primary objective of the specification is to insure that screws form or cut mating threads in materials of construction into which they are normally driven, without deforming their own thread and without breaking during assembly or service. Certain limitations on basic material and manufacturing processes have been incorporated because the size and configuration of the parts under consideration make them vulnerable to relatively small variations in chemistry, heat treatment, etc., and because experience has shown that in processing it is difficult to keep these variables consistently "in balance." Until improved performance tests are developed, these limitations will supplement the "performance" features of the specification.
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