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AIR1335B - Ramp De-Icing

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Document Number: AIR1335B
Project Initiation: 2012-05-10 04:33:40.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
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Ramp De-Icing
The specific purpose of this AIR is to provide general background information to better acquaint those who are involved with ramp de-icing of aircraft. Because of the wide variance of atmospheric conditions at different airports, as well as any individual airport, the figures given are of a general nature only and are to be taken as a very rough guide to the various factors concerned with ramp de-icing.
There are some interesting historical references in AIR1335; however, much of the technical content is out-of-date and superseded by information in other SAE documents. AIR1335 contains references to de/anti-icing fluids, specific aspects of aircraft ground de/anti-icing procedures, and de/anti-icing vehicles. Technical information found in AIR1335 can be found in current SAE documents that are maintained in various G-12 committees. Some specific items: • Fluid temperature requirements, de/anti-icing application techniques, and definitions are currently maintained in ARP4737, Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing Methods. • References to deicing vehicle requirements are covered in ARP1971, Aircraft Deicing Vehicle - Self-Propelled, Large and Small Capacity. • De/anti-icing fluid specifications are defined in AMS1424, Deicing/Anti-icing Fluid, Aircraft, SAE Type I and AMS1428, Fluid, Aircraft Deicing/Anti-icing, Non-Newtonian (Pseudoplastic), SAE Type II, III, and IV. • Engines running deicing operations are encompassed in ARP4902, Design and Operation of Aircraft Deicing Facilities, and ARP5660, Deicing Facility Operational Procedures, in conjunction with ARP4737.
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