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AIR4298A - Impulse Test Machine, Sine Wave, Equipment and Operation Of

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Document Number: AIR4298A
Project Initiation: 2010-03-18 13:07:45.0
Project Number: G308-02
Revision Number: A
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Impulse Test Machine, Sine Wave, Equipment and Operation Of
This SAE Aerospace Information Report (AIR) describes equivalent type equipment and operational guidelines for a standard sine wave impulse test machine. The machine may be used for testing hydraulic tubing, fittings, hose assemblies, and similar fluid systems components, if desired. The standard sine wave impulse test machine is established for the following purposes: 1. a design guide for future machines being built by manufacturers and users and 2. as a referee in the event of conflicting data from two or more nonstandard impulse machines. Such a referee machine might be built by an impartial testing activity.
AIR1228 has been extensively revised to include most of the equipment needed for AS4265 testing. AIR4298 is being revised to show only a top level AIR1228 system description and schematic and to update the SN specific test equipment.
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