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AIR5885A - Landing Gear Common Repair

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Document Number: AIR5885A
Project Initiation: 2016-01-05 08:57:24.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Michael Schow
Landing Gear Common Repair
This document outlines the most common repairs used on landing gear components. It is not the intention of this AIR to replace Overhaul/Component Maintenance or Technical Order Manuals, but it can serve as a guide into their preparation. This document may also be used as a template to develop an MRB (Material Review Board) plan. The recommendations in this document apply to components made of metallic alloys. These recommendations are intended for new manufactured components as well as for overhauled components. The extent of repair allowed for new components as opposed to in-service components is left to the cognizant engineering authorities. Reference could be made to this document when justifying repairs on landing gears. For repairs outside the scope of this document, a detailed justification is necessary. It must be understood that all the repairs listed in this document are not to be applied without the involvement of the cognizant engineer.
The revision corrects a few errors and adds additional content and clarifications. The section regarding disposition of dropped parts is revised to eliminate information that can be found in ARP4915 and instead references that document.
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