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AIR6016 - High Lift Systems Description

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Document Number: AIR6016
Project Initiation: 2008-10-25 17:44:04.0
Project Number: A6B3-06-1
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Uwe Perrin
High Lift Systems Description
The scope of the project is to develop a comprehensive description document that displays various examples of High Lift Systems of commercial and military aircraft. The main focus is on mechanical systems which may be actuated hydraulically or electrically. The document is intended as an overview for those specifying or designing High Lift Systems in order to compare existing solutions as reference for implementation in new aircraft programs.
There is a need for a general overview of implementation of High Lift Systems as a source of information both for aircraft manufacturers specifying these types of systems as for systems suppliers designing them. As new developments require fast responses with a minimum allowance for exploration of existing solutions, a summary of examples of successful developments can serve as a guideline. Therefore sufficient information is needed by relating schematics of systems built to date to the main operational requirements in order to allow crosschecking of own ideas.
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