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AIR6079A - Selection of Metallic Spring Energized Seals for Aerospace

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Document Number: AIR6079A
Project Initiation: 2015-11-20 13:47:46.0
Project Number: A6C2-15-4
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Torben A. Andersen
Selection of Metallic Spring Energized Seals for Aerospace
The purpose of this report is to provide design, application and maintenance engineers with basic information on the use of metallic Spring Energized sealing devices when used as piston (OD) and rod (ID) seals in aircraft fluid power components such as actuators, valves, and swivel glands. The Spring Energized seal is defined and the basic types in current use are described. Guidelines for selecting the type of Spring Energized seal for a given design requirement are covered in terms of friction, leakage, service life, installation characteristics, and interchangeability. Spring Energized seals can also be made in various forms and types, including face seals (internal and external pressure sealing types), and rotary variants too. These further types will not be discussed in this document, but many of the same principles apply for them as well.
This document has recently been created and during the last SAE A-6 meeting, The C2 Seals Panel proposed that we stabilize the document, as there were no proposals for changes.Thus I hereby propose to Stabilize the document.
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