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AIR6374 - Contamination definition for Fuel Tank Inerting Systems

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Document Number: AIR6374
Project Initiation: 2016-02-01 09:29:42.0
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Jonathan A. Liddy
Contamination definition for Fuel Tank Inerting Systems
The scope of this document is to provide a guidance of the common contamination types and their concentrations in order to size FTIS components and characterize its performance on generic commercial aircraft.
This document will list some contaminants that could be ingressed in to the air stream entering the FTIS, and realistic concentrations both for continuous operation as well as short duration high concentration events, based on the typical flight cycle of commercial aircraft. This will allow FTIS designers to optimize the size and weight of FTIS components to be more realistic for actual operating conditions. The document will recommend various families of contaminants that should be tested for, as opposed to supplying a list of all of the contaminants. The document could also contain contamination tables for the different operating phases of flight, if appropriate. The document will also cover the contaminants according to the air source (e.g. bleed air and air compressor).
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