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AIR6403 - R-64 Tire Properties for Radial Aircraft Tires

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Document Number: AIR6403
Project Initiation: 2010-05-11 09:01:48.0
Project Number: A5C-09-01
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: C. B. Alsobrook
R-64 Tire Properties for Radial Aircraft Tires
Develop a database which will be used to generate a set of predictive equations for a wide range of tire properties for modern (radial) aircraft tires. Methods and parameters to follow the tradition of NASA TR-R64, modified as appropriate/necessary. The application of the resulting paper will facilitate the estimation of radial tire mechanical properties for use in landing gear system models, thereby enhancing aircraft safety.
Industry has relied on a NASA document originally published in 1957 to estimate an extensive number of mechanical properties of aircraft tires. Tire technology has now transitioned from the bias nylon tires of that era to radials. This document will utilize available data as it is submitted for this project to develop new predictive equations for these parameters applicable to modern tires.
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