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AIR825/5B - Liquid Oxygen Systems

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Document Number: AIR825/5B
Project Initiation: 2014-10-21 10:03:16.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Paul Trevena
Liquid Oxygen Systems
This Aerospace Information Report provides general information to aircraft designers and engineers, regarding LOX, its properties, its storage and its conversion to gas. Much useful information is included herein for aircraft designers regarding important design considerations for a safe and effective installation to an aircraft. The associated ground support equipment needed to support operations of LOX equipped aircraft is also discussed. It is important to realize that LOX equipped aircraft cannot be supported unless this support infrastructure is also available. A significant part of this document will address the specific advantages, disadvantages and precautions relating to LOX systems. These are important issues that must be considered in deciding which oxygen system to install to the aircraft. Also, many commercial and military aircraft use aeromedical LOX equipment that is mostly portable equipment. Aeromedical LOX equipment is not addressed herein as it is beyond the scope of this document.
We would like to update the photographs and schematics currently in the document. This change is proposed to show Liquid Oxygen equipment that is currently being used.
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