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AMEC14AC - Gas Pressure Quenching

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Document Number: AMEC14AC
Project Initiation: 2014-09-03 10:34:46.0
Project Number: AMEC 14AB
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Kevin Groeneveld
Gas Pressure Quenching
This appendix establishes the procedures, guidelines and requirements for qualification and quenching of parts produced from the alloys listed in AMS2759/2, Table 2 using inert pressure gas in vacuum furnaces.
The AMEC committee of SAE has been requested to introduce Gas Pressure Quenching as an allowed practice for quenching of steels. Since this practice is most suitable to vacuum furnaces, the provisions for Gas Pressure Quenching have been proposed to be placed in AMS 2769 as Appendix A.
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