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AMS2430U - Shot Peening

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Document Number: AMS2430U
Project Initiation: 2015-07-20 11:21:01.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: U
Sponsor Name: Walter Beach
Shot Peening
<p>1.1Purpose<p/> <p>This specification covers the requirements for shot peening of surfaces of parts by impingement of media, including metallic, glass, or ceramic shot.<p/>
<p>AMS2430U results from a Five-Year Review and update of this specification that revises Ordering Information, 1.1 Purpose, 1.2 Application, 1.6 Legacy Provision, 1.7 Manual and Batch Peening, 3.1 Peening Processes, Table 2A, Table 2B, Intensity, addition of Appendix A Manual Peening and the addition of Appendix Batch Peening.</p>
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