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AMS2762C - Carburizing, Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Parts

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Document Number: AMS2762C
Project Initiation: 2017-08-22 09:33:17.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: C
Sponsor Name: Kevin Groeneveld
Carburizing, Carbon and Low-Alloy Steel Parts
This specification covers the procedure for carburizing and related heat treatments of carbon and low-alloy steel parts to produce case hardening and specified mechanical properties within the capability of each respective steel.
RATIONALE AMS2762B stabilizes this document because this document contains mature technology that is not expected to change and thus no further revisions are anticipated. STABILIZED NOTICE AMS2762B has been declared "STABILIZED" by AMS Committee B Finishes, Processes and Fluids Committee. This document will no longer be updated and may no longer represent standard industry practice. Previously this document was reaffirmed non-current. The last technical update of this document occurred in January, 1992. Users of this document should refer any certification issues (e.g. exceptions listed on the certification report) to the cognizant engineering organization for their disposition. NOTE: In many cases the purchaser may be a sub tier supplier and not the cognizant engineering organization. AMS Committee B recommends that the following similar (e.g. properties, fit, form, function) specification be considered for future procurement. This listing does not constitute authority to substitute these specifications for the “STABILIZED” specification. AMS2759/7, “Carburizing and Heat Treatment of Carburizing Grade Steel Parts”.
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