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AMS2801C - Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloy Parts

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Document Number: AMS2801C
Project Initiation: 2015-01-23 09:53:07.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: C
Sponsor Name: Sarah Mansuetti
Heat Treatment of Titanium Alloy Parts
This specification covers the engineering requirements for heat treatment by part fabricators (users) or their vendors or subcontractors, of parts (See 1.1.2) made from the following titanium alloys: Commercially Pure 6Al-4V(ELI) 3Al-8V-6Cr-4Mo-4Zr 3Al-2.5V 6Al-6V-2Sn 13V-11Cr-3Al 5AI-2.5Sn 6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo 10V-2Fe-3Al 8Al-1Mo-1V 6AI-2Sn-4Zr-6Mo 15V-3Cr-3Al-3Sn
Five Year Review to be done through AMEC.
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