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AMS3604A - Heat Resistant Aluminized Paint

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Document Number: AMS3604A
Project Initiation: 2016-10-02 10:38:34.0
Project Number: AMS3604A
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Eric R. Steele
Heat Resistant Aluminized Paint
This specification establishes requirements for a heat resistant aluminized organic coating with sufficient corrosion and erosion resistance for the finished substrate.
• In Section 2. (APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS), it needs to change to agree with the G8 template to indicate that if there is a conflict AMS3604 takes precedence over sub tier documents. • In Section 2.5 (PRI Publications), PRI QPL-AMSG813AA needs to change to PRI QPL-AMS3604. • In Section 3.4.1 (High Temperature Resistance), the acceptance criteria “no visual color change” is too subjective. Roger Brown (AkzoNobel) agreed to look into quantitative color measurement with a spectrophotometer (ECD = early June). An example of how 3.4.1 is likely to change is Section 3.8.4 of MIL-PRF-85285E where a maximum delta E (CIELAB color coordinates, 10o observer, D65 illuminant) determined per ASTM D 2244 is defined for how the high temperature exposed sample compares to the unexposed sample. • In Section 4.1.1 (Qualified Products Lists), PRI QPL-AMSG813AA needs to change to PRI QPL-AMS3604. • In Section (Corrosion Resistance – Filiform/Acid-Humidity), EN3665 needs to be indicated as an option to ASTM D 1654, and a + 5 minute tolerance on the 1 hour in acid vapor needs to be specified. • In Section (Testing Air Foils), a tolerance on the whirling arm speed at specimen mid-point needs to be specified as + 25 mph. • In Section 4.8.2, should the “material” in material safety data sheet be deleted?
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