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AMS7100 - Fused Filament Fabrication Process

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Document Number: AMS7100
Project Initiation: 2017-08-23 17:26:38.0
Project Number:
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Paul J. Jonas
Fused Filament Fabrication Process
This specification establishes the critical controls and requirements for the production of reliable, repeatable, reproducible aerospace parts by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) or other material extrusion production. This procedure will establish guidelines that FDMĀ® System users shall follow to approve new machines, processes, materials, etc. Specifically, this specification covers the configuration of the machine, operating software, machine calibration, machine and build parameters, and testing methodology required to create certified additively manufactured aerospace parts. This specification also outlines the FDM system user responsibility for following the established guidelines and documentation requirements. The Stratasys FortusĀ® 900mc Plus Printer with ULTEMTM 9085 will be used as an example to demonstrate the control needed to create SAE certified aerospace parts manufactured using FDM systems.
This documents is intended to describe the technical information, quality requirements, and documentation necessities needed for FDM Systems (machine, software, and materials) to produce parts capable of service in aerospace service. Specifically, this standard will cover the environmental controls, equipment configuration, software parameters, material controls, calibrations, and testing methodology. It will define and discuss critical requirements which have a substantial effect on the print quality and final print part properties. No such document currently exists and such a document is needed to maintain high quality FDM produced components.
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