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ARP4553B - Aerospace - Accumulator, Hydraulic, Self-Displacing

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Document Number: ARP4553B
Project Initiation: 2016-08-17 10:04:06.0
Project Number: A6C4-16-3
Revision Number: B
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Aerospace - Accumulator, Hydraulic, Self-Displacing
This SAE Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) is intended to provide design and qualification requirements for self-displacing hydraulic accumulators.<p>These requirements are intended to be included in the Producrement Specification for the accumulator. Those requirements identified by the use of "shall" are considered to be essential requirements; those requirements identified by the use of "should" are considered to be optional requirements for inclusion in the Specificaiton at the discretion of the Purchaser.<p>In addition, test methods for production acceptance and qualification purposes are provided.<p>The accumulator is intended for use in military aerospace hydraulic systems with rated pressures of up to 8000 psi (55,158 kPa) and of the following types as specified in SAE AS 5440: Type I: -65 to +160 °F (-54 to +71 °C) fluid temperature; Type II: -65 to +275 °F (-54 to +135 °C) fluid temperature. The accumulator is also inteded for commercial aerospace and helicopter hydraulic systems.
This document has been revised to make it consistent, wherever possible, with other aerospace hydraulic accumulator recommended practice documents.
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