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ARP5775 - Skew and Disconnect Detection in High Lift Systems

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Document Number: ARP5775
Project Initiation: 2007-10-13 11:43:12.0
Project Number: A6A3-07-03
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Uwe Perrin
Skew and Disconnect Detection in High Lift Systems
The document shall provide: - Guideline for specifying requirements for skew and disconnect solutions for High Lift Systems. - A structure for hazard assessment - A check list for the fulfillment of the structural and monitoring certification requirements - Examples of prior industry approaches
The Certification of High Lift Systems on civil aircraft places requirements on the avoidance and detection of “panel skews” and “single actuator disconnects”. The requirements are difficult to meet, largely because of the possibility of dormant failures. The lack of consistent practice across the industry has helped cause this aspect of High Lift System design to present increasing development and certification risk. There is a need for a document that provides recommended practices and supports the finding of common ground between the certification authorities, the OEMs and the suppliers.
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