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ARP5908A - Landing Gear Servicing

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Document Number: ARP5908A
Project Initiation: 2013-09-30 08:53:45.0
Project Number: A-5B-13-01
Revision Number: A
Sponsor Name: Jon Smith
Landing Gear Servicing
<p>The present document addresses gas and hydraulic fluid servicing required on commercial and military aircraft landing gears, for both single and dual chamber (also known as dual stage and two stage) shock struts. This document should be considered as landing gear industry recommended practice but in no way is meant to supersede the shock strut OEM’s published procedures.</p>
<p>This ARP has been revised as part of the Five-Year Review policy to include more detailed considerations for the servicing of dual chamber landing gear. The revision also ensures that the document reflects the latest industry practice and is representative of a wide a range of landing gear and airframe approaches.</p>
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