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ARP6412 - Landing Gear Integrity Program

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Document Number: ARP6412
Project Initiation: 2016-03-17 09:27:56.0
Project Number: A-5B 15-03
Revision Number:
Sponsor Name: Ron Montgomery
Landing Gear Integrity Program
The scope of the Landing Gear Integrity Programs (LGIP) Aerospace Recommended Practice (ARP) is intended to assist in the safe-life structural integrity management of the landing gear system and subsystems components. In addition, component reliability, availability, and maintainability is included in a holistic LGIP.
Unlike newer commercial and military aircraft, older generation aircraft developed decades ago have an unknown service live for each component which have not been serially tracked from cradle to grave. In addition, subcomponents may have been moved from assembly to assembly over the years, making it difficult to know if the component is still operating within it's design safe-life. Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability is an essential part of the an LGIP for a holistic integrity view resulting in a more robust landing gear system for the fleet.
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