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ARP693E - Landing and Taxiing Lights - Design Criteria for Installation

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Document Number: ARP693E
Project Initiation: 2017-01-16 15:44:36.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: E
Sponsor Name: Newel Stephens
Landing and Taxiing Lights - Design Criteria for Installation
<p>This document includes requirements of installations of adequate landing and taxiing lighting systems in aircraft of the following categories:</p> <p>a. Single engine personal and/or liaison type</p> <p>b. Light twin engine</p> <p>c. Large multiengine propeller</p> <p>d. Large multiengine turbojet/turbofan</p> <p>e. Military high-performance fighter and attack</p> <p>f. Helicopter</p> <p>This document will cover general requirements and recommended practices for all types of landing and taxi lights. More specific recommendations for LED lights in particular can be found in ARP6402.</p>
<p>The recommendations for sufficient illumination of the runway have been expanded beyond a single test point. A definitions section was added. Appendix C, which describes a method for comparing runway illuminance patterns, has been added. Figures have been moved from the end of the document into the body of the text close to where they are first referenced. Paragraph numbering and organization has been modified for clarity.</p>
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