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AS28889B - Valve, Air, High Pressure Charging, 5000 psi

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Document Number: AS28889B
Project Initiation: 2015-12-03 08:15:18.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Chad Forrest
Valve, Air, High Pressure Charging, 5000 psi
Recent Salt-Fog environmental qualification testing in accordance with RTCA/DO-160G, Paragraph 14, Category S identified both discrepancies in the performance specification documents and potential in-service corrosion problems with the charging valve. Revising and updating AS28889 - Valve; Aircraft, Pneumatic, High-Pressure Charging is necessary to resolve these items.
This AS will be revised and updated to resolve discrepancies between Military Standard MS28889-2 that has been superseded and replaced by Performance Specification MIL-PRF-6164G. The AS will also identify appropriate materials for the charging valve assembly to resolve salt-fog corrosion issues identified during recent RTCA/DO-160G environmental qualification testing.
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