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AS5134B - Aviation Visual Distress Signals (AVDS)

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Document Number: AS5134B
Project Initiation: 2013-10-29 06:29:00.0
Project Number:
Revision Number: B
Sponsor Name: Gary Leegate
Aviation Visual Distress Signals (AVDS)
<p>This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) provides minimum performance and design standards for a handheld, high-intensity, flashing Aviation Visual Distress Signal (AVDS) based on light-emitting-diode (LED) technology operating simultaneously in visible (white) and near infrared (NIR) spectra designed to facilitate location and rescue of aviation accident/ditching survivors in open sea conditions.</p>
<p>This Aerospace Standard is substantially rewritten and reorganized at Revision B to replace the original Xenon strobe technology with the more effective light emitting diode (LED) technology and to provide for improved performance and qualification requirements beyond those of the original document. AIR5690 is a companion document which makes the case for the replacement of dangerous pyrotechnic devices with an AVDS device providing an equivalent level of safety. The title “Aviation Distress Signal” is changed to “Aviation Visual Distress Signals (AVDS) to harmonize nomenclature with TSO-C168.</p>
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