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AS5586A - Aerospace - General Requirements for Hydraulic System Reservoirs

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Document Number: AS5586A
Project Initiation: 2013-04-30 08:58:58.0
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Revision Number: A
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Aerospace - General Requirements for Hydraulic System Reservoirs
This SAE Aerospace Standard (AS) specifies the general requirements for hydraulic system reservoirs that are installed in commercial and military aircraft and helicopters and also in missile hydraulic systems. This document includes design, test (production and qualification) criteria for various types of reservoirs. Appendix A provides information on hydraulic fluid volume requirements and reservoir sizing. This document also provides a basis for the Procurement Specification to completely define individual reservoir requirements
The document is up for a five year review. General clarifications and document updates are planned. Reference A6 Agenda for May 2013 item C5.5.4.
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